komo mai e ʻai, bienvenu and welcome

Presque partout dans le monde et dans beaucoup d’endroits à Hawai’i, il n’y a pas de distinction bien définie entre le Lomilomi et d’autres formes de massage.

Visiting Hawai’i one views amid the expanding civilization, verdant growth. But the percentage of that which is native is miniscule. Like anything or many things ancient, the health practices of Old Hawai’i have been overrun and diluted by expansive humanity.

Pour comprendre le Lomilomi, il est bon de connaitre la philosophie de la culture. Something that I strive and struggle to do each day. These are my thoughts and practices on a field that has changed my life and view of life for better or for worse since 2004.

Please contact me with any questions or thoughts you might have on Lomilomi in general, classes for practitioners or for everyday use, Hawaiian culture or to schedule and appointment. Mahalo.


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